Vault Mobile

Easily access Vaults and documents with a native mobile app

21R3: Improve usability with a native mobile app for Vault documents

The 21R3 release includes Veeva Vault Mobile, a native mobile app, that provides another secure way for accessing and sharing Vault documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vault Mobile will support iOS 14+ and Android 8+.

The app will be available for download from the Apple and Google Play app stores on December 3, 2021. Check with your IT department to determine if your organization has any restrictions regarding installation and use of the Vault Mobile app on company and personal devices.

Users can access all Vaults where they have an active account. At this time, users cannot access a Vault as another user using the delegated access feature.

Currently, Vault Mobile does not support binders. However, users can still view all documents in the binders.

The current version only supports documents. The Vault Mobile roadmap does include object record functionality in future releases.

Currently, Vault Mobile is only supported in English.

Check “Download Rendition” permission is enabled for that user.

Yes, there is a hyperlink to Vault Help near the user’s name in Vault Mobile. Tapping the hyperlink will open a browser window to display Vault Help.

Yes, Vault Mobile is validated by Veeva for each release.

No. Veeva performs validation of the Vault Mobile app features for every release. The Vault Mobile app provides access to Vault functionality already available through the Vault web client. As such, it does not alter any existing business processes, and therefore does not require performance qualification (PQ) validation.

Vault Mobile validation documentation is available in the Veeva ComplianceDocs Vault, along with the validation documentation for all Vault applications.

Starting in 22R1, there will only be three Vault Mobile releases per year. The mobile release schedule will coincide with the Vault General Release schedule.

Users must be on the current or one previous version of Vault Mobile to access Vault.

The app is currently optimized for the phone form factor. The app can be downloaded and used on an iOS tablet, but it may not be fully optimized or scaled correctly to the tablet size. The app is currently not functional on Android tablets. Tablet-optimized Vault Mobile versions will be considered for future releases.

No, it cannot be customized. The Vault Mobile app is simply a new user interface to access Vault functionality that is already available through the Vault web client.

No, the Vault administrative User Interface is not available in the Vault Mobile app.

If your device allows push notifications for the Vault Mobile app, push notifications will be sent when 1) changes are made to your Favorited Documents, and 2) when someone sends you a document via “Send as Link”. Tapping on the notification will launch the Vault Mobile app and take you to the applicable document.

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