Best Practices Guide

The 5 Hallmarks of an Agile EDC

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Building out clinical trials with traditional EDC systems can be time consuming and labor intensive. Once built, they can also be difficult to change, causing delays in data collection and increasing risk of data errors. 

However, a new approach to data management can solve many of these common issues. A modern EDC system built with agile design principles in mind can make your data management team more efficient, more collaborative, and more confident in their clinical study build from start to finish. 

Read this guide to learn how to identify an agile EDC system that empowers your data managers to:

  • Create a specification and casebook directly within the system in one step
  • Support reuse of standards and templates to cut build times up to 50%
  • Turn UAT into a live, collaborative process that shortens timelines
  • Eliminate custom functions and reduce system fragility
  • Make amendments easily without downtime or data migrations