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Enabling Veeva CRM Standard Metrics

Hybrid selling requires more information to understand the effectiveness of customer engagement across channels and regions. Does your organization have a clear understanding of the mix of channel engagement across platforms? Is the industry seeing the same return to in-person engagement across regions? 

With Veeva CRM Standard Metrics, you get insights around call channel, user type, and user country that are measured consistently across the industry to establish a common language for more accurate benchmarking and comparisons, and to power downstream customer-centric innovation. 

CRM Standard Metrics is live and automatically turned on for all Veeva CRM customers. Standardized channel, user type, and country data are now being submitted globally and delivered to the industry through our Pulse Field Trends Report.

Explore the resources below to learn how to get started with CRM Standard Metrics. The answers to most of your questions will be found in the documentation and resources provided. 

If you have any questions regarding CRM Standard Metrics, please complete the form, and a member of our professional services team will reach out to you.

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