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Pelon: Digitizing Quality to Drive Production Velocity During Public Health Crisis

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Watch to learn how Penlon spearheaded the Ventilator Challenge UK initiative, and transformed from a paper-based to digital quality process in an effort to produce nearly 12,000 ventilators to support the fight against COVID-19 in record time. 

Also learn how they aligned multi-national manufacturing processes and implemented a QMS solution in ten days. 

Mary Ryan


Director of Innovation, Technology & Regulatory Affairs

Mary Ryan is the Director of Innovation, Technology, and Regulatory Affairs at Penlon Ltd, responsible for delivering the strategic, quality, and technical requirements in the development of medical devices for global markets. With almost 30 years in quality assurance, Mary champions efforts to bring a more modern technology outlook to Penlon's product vision and is driving initiatives in the area of creating and leveraging new technology solutions and clinical partnerships. More recently, she was a leader in the UK NHS Ventilator Challenge.

On-Demand Webinar

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