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7 KPIs to Measure Regulatory Information Management (RIM)

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Medtech leaders are challenged to present compelling ROI when implementing a Regulatory Information Management (RIM) system to prove success.

By consolidating 10+ sources of information into a single, connected system, GE found seven unique ways to measure how their RIM suite is helping achieve speed and compliance objectives.

Access these exclusive details to learn:

  • The seven KPIs to measure RIM results
  • How GE saved ~200 hours of work per year
  • Best practices for affiliate activity, health authority approvals, and submission rejections
  • How to achieve a "single source of truth"

James Hendry

Head of Regulatory Operations

GE Healthcare

James is the Head of Regulatory Operations at GE Healthcare. He has 19 years of experience in the industry, including 9 years at a major innovator, as well as stints in outsourcing, consulting, generic pharma and now nuclear medicine. Recent experience includes system and process design, migration, training and system ownership for a full Veeva RIM implementation (Registrations, Submissions, and Submissions Archive).

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