The Power of Sales and Marketing Collaboration for Omnichannel Engagement

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Nearly 70% of all healthcare providers (HCPs) are digital natives.* 
COVID-19 and the almost complete disruption of the traditional offline engagements are further accelerating the movement towards authentic omnichannel engagement across the industry. Fewer than 1 in 3 physicians want to continue to receive the same number of rep visits as in pre-COVID times, and over 60% of physicians want markedly fewer in-person engagements and much more digital.** 

Shaped by their personal experiences with mobile, social, and digital, HCPs redefine what “engagement” means as they expect more personalized and relevant information regardless of where they are or how they interact. 

Read this whitepaper to understand how pharma can empower sales and marketing to think, plan, and act as one to share a common 360° customer view that delivers coordinated customer journeys and personalized engagement.

* Across Health and Veeva: Intelligent HCP Engagement

** Across Health Navigator Spotcheck 2020