Driving Launch Success: Best Practices for Emerging Pharma and Biotechs in the Digital Era


According to McKinsey & Company, "About two-thirds of new drugs fail to meet launch consensus sales expectations for the first year on the market." The same study finds that most of these drugs continue to underperform even three-year post-launch,1 costing the industry hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

Before launching, emerging pharma and biotech companies must implement a data-driven well-defined launch strategy to be competitive and reach their revenue goals. 

Access this whitepaper to learn from the experience of 100+ launches to understand:

  • How a well-structured 30-month foundational roadmap with detailed steps helps align sales, marketing, and medical teams
  • Four operational requirements to prepare go-to-market programs that foster agile, efficient, and intelligent customer engagement
  • How an emerging pharma achieved commercial launch success in just four months, allowing them to reach HCPs efficiently and compliantly

Read the whitepaper to get started on your path to launch excellence. 



1. McKinsey & Company. (2014, March). The secret of successful drug launches.

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